Monday, July 17, 2017

An interesting funeral custom

I conducted the funeral for an lovely elderly man recently. I met him about twelve months ago when his wife of over 70 years, passed away, so when he died, they contacted me to conduct his funeral. I remembered him well, and how sad and lost he had looked at his wife's funeral.
After 72 happy years together, it was a terrible loss for him.

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He had spent his last days in a nursing home, and his family told me that the staff there had been lovely, especially the Filipino nurses who did their best to cheer him up, and make his last days happy.  Of course he had many visits from his family who all loved him very much.  The gentleman loved a good cup of coffee, so the nurses put some coins in his hand after he passed away.  They said that it was a Filipino custom so that the deceased could buy a good cup of coffee on his way to heaven. What a great custom!

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  1. What a loving tribute from the nursing home staff. They obviously respected and honoured the fact that they worked in his home and not the reverse - that he lived at their work.